Snow Board
Piggy Backs
Lake Jindabyne
Jimmy Chilling
Up close
Cool Photo Op
Front of Banjo Patterson Inn
Fire away
Lifting Jimmy into the basket
Buckle up
Selfie 2
Smiles from me
Hot Air Ballooning
Away we go
Nearly Ready
On top On a Pillbox

Just a casual pic on a mountain

On top of a Pillbox - Hawaii

On the Edge -

Aloha Canoe Adventures

Photo Time

Sharks _Island View Hawaii_

Cannot describe this feeling of being able to swim with sharks

Island View Hawaii

on the Moo ready to go swimming with the Sharks

Another Temple In Uluwatu
Getting Blown away

Tegenungan waterfall

Thirsty Again

Ketut giving Jimmy drink

Butterfly Park

Jimmy Holding a huge Prey Mantis

Butterfly Park

JImmy Holding a huge Butterfly which has no mouth so it will only live for 3 days

Trying to catch a Butterfly

Legian Beach Entrance
Views at Sinlge Finn


Just a bit thirsty
Abandon Plane in Bali
Tanah Lot
Entrance to go to Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot Temple
first drinks in Bali

As you can see Jimmy isn't impressed

Bali Monkeys

That Monkey tried to grab Jimmy

Chilling at Single fin in Uluwatu

Just Beautiful

Quad Biking in Bali

Jimmy wasn't too sure of this ride

Quad biking in Bali
Up Close

I swear chopper is smiling at us.


Chopper is 80 years old and weighs790kgs and is 5.5metres long

Cage of Death

About to head into the Chopper the Crocs enclosure

buley Rock pools Dunnies

Dunnies in the outback.

Buley Rock Pools

Just getting smashed by the water

Buley Rock Pools
Florence Falls

Would have loved to have walked to these but we didn't have time

Wangi Falls
Wangi Falls
Wangi Falls

This is Wangi Falls, there is a sign saying something on the lines of there could be crocodiles around and only swim where designated

unexpected underwater shot

Did not realise Jimmy face was underwater until we looked at the photos

Gigantic Termite Mound

this is a fake one, so tourists can get up close and see just how big they get

Termite Mounds

Behind us is the place known as "The graveyard"

Whistling Birds

Feeding time

Jumping Crocodile
First Stop on Our Tour

Spectacular Crocodile Jumping

Crocodile Feeding Show

Feeding the Baby Crocodiles, there were over 150 babies in this enclosure


Just chilling in the Reptile Room

Say Cheese

A present for my lovely friend - first time in a helicopter for us both

Elise's Present

Ready for our first Helicopter Ride

Happy Jimmy

His face tells you all you need to know

Travel Ready

Its how I get things done - full load here