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21 Years Later

So here I am 2016 starting up a blog and it’s all because a friend planted the seed and I have a dream, well I never thought it would be this. One night a long time friend Bec Kennedy called me asking about Jimmy and do I have any thoughts on a website about Children with Disabilities and Traveling and how could we could set something up that would help parents like myself do more Adventurous activities and make it easier for them. I honestly had no tips for her whatsoever. I wouldn’t even know how to start something up like that. She now has an awesome blog and website for Mums. go check it out.

The last few years I have been focused on myself and setting goals and achieving them but there was one goal I have always wanted and that was to travel & I want to see the world but how could I my son is disabled and I need to find carers to be able to take care of him while I go away but that would also mean I couldn’t go for long periods at a time & I would have to take extra time off work to stay home with him because funding doesn’t allow me to work & have holidays. I also had started to feel lost in a way I didn’t now what was next, I needed something and never thought this was my answer.

One night at a friend’s birthday in 2015 sitting at Kawana pub we all had been talking about holidays and where they had been and where I wanted go. I told them its hard because of my situation which they all knew because they have known jimmy for a long time and he was there with me. I always thought well if its meant to be it will be. I left the pub & on my way home it hit me exactly like they say, it was a light bulb moment – Why don’t I take jimmy with me show him the world THROUGH MY EYES and write about it in a blog, I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my housemate Brad & call Bec and tell them both about the Idea. Every traveller’s blog is about adults and adults can rely on themselves but jimmy will have to solely rely on me & I will also have to rely a friend who joins me. There are so many beautiful places in the world that I could take him to & this excites me. When I think about jimmy the only word I can see in his disability is ABILITY, its going to rough and very hard because its not just simply getting on a plane and going somewhere there will be so much move involved.

This blog for me is about showing everyone that no matter what you think you can’t do you actually can, you just have to trust in yourself and take the right steps to get there. It has been a long ride to get me here, It is about who I am today as a Mother to Jimmy and our journey from this point on. It won’t be easy but it will most definitely be worth it. Because it’s not just where we will end up it is all about the road that will take us there. I will write my heart and tell it from my perspective, the highs the lows & every thing in between.

I cannot wait to show you all, our wonderful journey and it starts at home on the Sunshine Coast.

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