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Paradise Seaplane flight for Christmas

I've never have really been one to buy Jimmy lots of presents because he is so hard to buy for. He doesn't play with toys like other children and it is getting even harder to buy him gifts that he will cherish. But it so happened I came across a Paradise Seaplanes on the Sunshine Coast where we live and I knew straight away it was the perfect Christmas Present.

So one sunny afternoon we took a 15 minute flight onboard Paradise Seaplanes and it was absolutely amazing you couldn't wipe the smile off Jimmy's face. Even though he couldn't see the spectacular views I knew he felt what I was feeling. In video's, there is a short clip that when you watch you will see just how happy Jimmy was on this experience.

After our Flight I cried why because I love that jimmy did not stop smiling the whole time while flying, and on the drive home in the car he started giggling and I know it’s because he was thinking back to what we just did. He may not have seen any of the beautiful views that I did, but he sure as hell felt it

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