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Any given Day!

Any given Day! Jimmy on my back* Everyone - Stare* At least one person - “He’s too big to be carried” “He’s too old to be carried” “He should be piggybacking you soon” “He’s asleep” “He looks tired” “You must strong” “Oh your poor back” More stares* Taps my shoulder* “I think he is asleep” “Your back must get sore” “He should be walking” One time: I had a guy come out of his house as I walked down my street to tell me “he’s too big to be carried” And the list goes on... If you have ever spent enough time with me you’ll understand this happens without fail at least once a day if I’m out and about. I always reply with “Jimmy is 23 he’s blind” or “he’s disabled” most people really don’t know what to say after that, they just look at me weird and turn away 😔 Some days it just makes me feel a little bit sad, and I wish people just didn’t have to say anything at all. _ Side note: Yesterday a lady helped me at the register, another time a young boy asked his mum if he could help me, I overheard him then he walked over and offered to carry my basket. I’ve had people come over and ask can they meet Jimmy and give him a hug! One time I was explaining my life to a guy who gave Jimmy his jacket because it was cold and another guy overheard and gave me some money saying you need it more than me. I didn’t want to take it but he was adamant I did. Some days I get sent emails or messages from strangers who have read my blog or looked at my instagram saying some really lovely words. All this is what makes my day. _ Just remember next time you judge someone who know nothing about, whether it be how they look, what they’re doing, what they’re wearing or even if they park in a disabled park! Remember they might hear you so be careful with your words you never know how it might affect them on any given day ♥️

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