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The Best is Yet to Come

A few weeks back I wrote about the NDIS booklet and how it made me feel. I was so angry and sad at the same time, it made me feel like Jimmy was nothing more than a long list of things he can’t do and reminded me of how different my life is to a “normal” parent of a 23-year-old. Well as of last week I had some AMAZING news! I got approved for everything I asked. For the first time in a very long time, I no longer have to worry about how I will pay for nappies, carers and support for Jimmy. I can continue working 3 days a week and now also have time to myself while Jimmy can go be an individual and spend time without me. (Because what 23 year old wants their mum always hanging around) We can have weekly sessions with an Occupational Therapist to get Jimmy better at everything (hopefully walking more on his own) Jimmy and I love our time together and I will always be here doing the best for him in every way possible. But as a parent like any parent we need to take time out for ourselves, otherwise, we burn out. Last year would be the perfect example though you would never have known my anxiety was at an all-time high I felt like I was going nowhere and stuck in this thing we call life, But now everything has changed my mindset, my goals and my dreams. Honestly, this year is OUR year and the start to something bigger and better than ever! I’m so grateful and thankful for everything! YOU CANNOT WIPE THE SMILE OFF MY FACE!

*while writing the start of this Jimmy held my hand, he knows without knowing how happy I am and how much this year is about to change for the both of us in a big way


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