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Its been a while.....

So I thought for anyone following on here, Id give a little update.

Since my last post, I backed off from writing on my blog not because I didn't have anything to say; I just found Instagram easier to share our life. I initially wanted to use this space to write about our travels, and I had started with a few travelling adventures. First, I was saving; then, I would choose a place I'd like us to visit and then we would head out on our experience. But, unfortunately, it had only just begun when the spicey flu hit town. So all my plans went out the window. To travel anywhere outside Australia became non-existent. So our plans and lifestyle had to change.

During this time, we went into lockdown, and I had a lot of time with my thoughts and where I wanted to see myself and Jimmy in the future. But then something changed. I learnt to freedive. Coming up from my first ten metres, I realised at that moment that this was going to play a massive part in what was coming next.

I had been working at a job for nearly 13 years, and it just didn't give me the same feeling as it used to. I needed to be outside; sitting at a desk job wasn't doing it for me anymore, amongst other things.

I started doing Online Marine Studies, and then nearly halfway through 2021, One day, I just woke up, and I knew it was time to leave a job that served me well.

Weird thing, my friends, who I have known for years, started a tour company, it had only been up and running for a little while, and from the moment I started following them on Instagram, I was trying to figure out how to ask them how can I work on their boat. I didn't want to be that person hitting them up. This is the weird part, the day I decided to quit my job they posted about needing someone to give them a hand. So I replied and said I could help. That followed by a trial run and then a new job, all in a matter of a week. I was over the moon. I now work on the Spray of the Coral Coast; this boat is 114 years old and the crew I work with are nothing short of amazing. I feel like this was meant to be, and the fact that I had been thinking about this since the time they launched, I knew it was right.

So back to our travel plans. The world is still not anywhere close to "how it used to be", but I feel Jimmy's and my life is precisely where it's meant to be. All this uncertainty of our surroundings has given me time to rethink our next move. That is to live in our quiet moments at home enjoy time doing small fun things that still excite our soul.

For me, I'm saving as much as I can while still being able to take Jimmy and myself on little adventures. Of course, it takes a while to get to the savings I want to achieve, but I am making headway, and It is a good feeling.

Some people know what I am "saving" for others don't, and I think I'll keep it that way for now.

I like the little life I created for Jimmy and myself to some; it might seem boring to others, it might seem fun, but for us, it's perfect. So this is our time to chill, save and be patient for the next big adventure I have planned. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen when it's time.

So I'm just going to leave on this note.

Life doesn't have to be fancy all the time to be fun and exciting; it just has to be lived in every moment of every day and only in the ways that make you and your family happy.

Peace ✌️


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