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Mount Coolum: The Before, During and After

On Friday the 10th of June Jimmy had a sleepover at his carers house so I could go out for my friend Ruby’s birthday. The next day he was dropped home about 7.30am, I was tired and so was he, so we both slept all day. It’s not unusual for Jimmy to sleep all day because some nights he will stay awake for hours. I woke him up about 3pm and tried to give him a drink and some food, which he refused. I didn’t think anything of it, he was very sleepy so I put him back to bed.

Later that night just before midnight I heard he was a bit restless and making grumble like noises. I went in and checked on him, he seemed fine so I tucked Jimmy back in and went back to bed. No sooner did I get into bed that I heard this gurgling sound. I knew straight away he was having a seizure. It is the worst sound a parent can hear. I ran so fast back into his room and put him on his side, wiped his face as he was dribbling everywhere and noticed he was slightly blue. I just laid him there and talked to him calmly until I thought it was over. As I was carrying him into my room, I was concerned he might be having another one, so I quickly ran to grab my phone just in case. In the end he was just coming back to normal and I decided against calling the Ambulance.

By the time it was all over it was 12:08am. I remember the time clear as day, Jimmy smiled and gave me a hug. That is when I realised not calling the Ambulance was the best decision. He was nearly back to his old happy self so I let him sleep in my bed for a while after that.

The next morning was the day we were taking Jimmy up Mt Coolum for the first time. He woke up so happy so I still decided to go. We met everyone at the bottom of the mountain around 7:30am and it was cold. As we started to walk, the boys kept up a good pace. I knew then and there I was not going to make it all the way with Jimmy. Just before the stairs Elise took over and she made it a fair way up, then Jack had his turn piggybacking Jimmy. What a machine! He carried him up the rest of way with a little bit of complaining from Jimmy. Jimmy knows if you step out of place or trip a little bit he grips on tighter and makes a little noise. I managed to carry Jimmy all the way down – that was the easy bit.

Afterwards we all went out for breakfast at our favourite coffee shop BTDT– breakfast burgers and coffee for $10 what a bargain and so yummy. Sunday morning complete. Jimmy was full laughter and you would never think that he had a seizure the night before. After breakfast and coffee we just went back home to relax.

On the Monday I was feeling very emotional. I’m not sure how she knew but Elise messaged me asking ‘You OK?’. The whole Jimmy having a seizure and being home alone during it scared me as I knew I had to be strong for Jimmy and not freak out. While most of you all see the fun and happy side to my life there is this side to me that is always worried and scared about what could happen next with Jimmy.

In the end I took a step back and thought about where I have been, what I have done and where we are headed. We are off to Hawaii in August and I’m taking Jimmy with Elise and Ruby. This trip is going to be amazing and with the support of my friends I would not be able to do this. So I am very thankful. I still don’t think all the people in my life realise just how important each one of you are to me.

Life will always throw you curve balls and you can always expect the unexpected. So no matter how bad it gets try to find something good from it and I guarantee you’ll walk away with a smile, because nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

Photos in gallery – by Amy J. Lake

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