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Holiday in Hawaii

Well, it begins the first day of our holiday. We were all very jet lagged, except Jimmy. He was fine because he slept so well on the plane, unlike the rest of us. We arrived around 8am at the Place we were staying, I wasn’t sure if we could go up to our room as there was no check in time on our itinery. Unfortunately, after calling the owner we couldn’t settle in until 3pm, but she was going to see if we could get in earlier. Feeling gross and hungry and having awful sleep on a couch waiting for the room, we finally checked in about 2pm. Once we were showered and had organized ourselves, it was straight down to the beach for a drink and feed. Day 1 was long and tiring, but I was just happy to be finally here.

We didn’t really have anything planned for our 2nd day, so we decided to have a beach day after going food shopping. As we left our room Jimmy yelled out a big “YAY.” This is actually what he did every day, he was so happy.

Food shopping was a bit of a struggle, 3 girls and 1 boy getting piggy backed; and carrying grocery bags that had no handles was hard work.

After that, we thought cocktails would be a great idea. That was the first and last night we would actually get drunk, and it was really fun. The next day would be hard as we were going to walk up Diamond Head Summit Trail.

It was day 3 and we woke up late, (of course we had sore heads) but we still walked up Diamond Head. If anyone knows me, I don’t do well with hangovers so for me to actually get out of bed is kind of a miracle after drinking.

Diamond Head Summit Trail was hard. We all shared the load of Jimmy, taking turns piggy backing him, and of course he laughed all the way with a few big “yays.” Obviously he thought it was funny, as we complained a bit because of heat. I don’t recommend doing the walk in the middle of the day hungover! Once we got to the top it was well worth the view. Absolutely stunning and to think we were standing in a volcanic landmark that was also once a Military base.

Day 4 – all of us woke up nervous/excited. We were going to be swimming with Sharks. The sharks didn’t bother me it was more breathing through a snorkel that I was worried about.

Once we arrived at the Boat and all introductions had been done we were on our way out to the big blue sea. The boat ride was really bumpy and a bit windy but Jimmy didn’t mind at all, he giggled all the way, holding both mine and a young girls hand that was sitting beside him. He was more excited than us.

Getting into the ocean was easy enough but I got really nervous about the breathing, and had to hold one of the guy’s hands plus a floatation device until I felt comfortable, which didn’t take long. Once calm, I took in all my surroundings and being there with the sharks swimming around is the most peaceful experience ever.

While I was in the water, Dave, one of the owners, looked after Jimmy. The coolest dude ever. Every time I looked up to see how Jimmy was, he seemed to be happy sitting on Dave’s lap. Knowing how happy Jimmy was made my experience even better.

If you ever want to swim with Sharks, you must go with these guys, Island view Hawaii. They are the pioneers in this industry, and a Family owned business. The love they have for these creatures makes you feel safe in the water. They make you feel so calm, because they are! Something I will never forget and will be doing again on my return.

That night Jimmy laughed all night long. He had the best day ever as well, and all he did was just sit in the boat and get hugs from Dave.

Day 5 was a chill day out on Hawaii Glass Bottom boat. As soon as we arrived, Lief (one of the owners) greeted us. He recognized me from chatting over Instagram. We enjoyed a few beers and listened to some cool Tunes. It was another Beautiful day on the crystal clear blue water out the back of Waikiki.

Day 6 we had to be up early to head to Kailua and spend a day with Aloha Canoe Adventures. What a fun day! We canoed over to a little Island called Mokulua Island. I felt bad as we didn’t really paddle in time or very hard, so Alika did all the work to get us over there. His passion for the ocean and his job is really inspiring! All the way Jimmy didn’t want to hold on, even putting his hands in the water and loving the splashes while laughing, making the rest of us laugh and smile. He was having the time of his life.

Once at the island we had a little walk around to queens bath, which wasn’t too hard at all. The girls and I went for a little swim and while we were swimming, Jimmy was getting cuddles and having his own little swim. When I see people just be themselves around Jimmy it makes me feel so happy, and I can see that it does the same for him. I didn’t want this day to end. Another Adventure that I’ll be doing again on my return, and its a must to put on the bucket list.

After that we walked up to one of the Pillboxes. Lucky Alika told us about this as we were just going to head home after the canoe adventure. This was one big mission – another midday hike up a mountain. This was hard work and a bit sketchy to say the least, but the view absolutely amazing.

Well another fun day was over, and with so many laughs I couldn’t be happier.

On day 7 we had to be up really early (4am), to make it to Hanauama Bay before the crowds. This was a nice day snorkeling, not much fun for Jimmy as it very visual, and too crowded.

That night was Ruby’s last night. We just went out for cocktails and dinner. Jimmy sang to every song that was playing with huge smiles on his face.

The next day Elise and I decided to get our tattoos. Before this we had done a little research. Funny enough, on our way to one shop we walked past another and I just liked the look of it. Elise said this was the one we both liked but we had thought it was further down the road. Soon as I walked in, Peggy, who by chance had someone cancel and the Sailor Jerry Hula girl already drawn up greeted me. I knew then and there this was my day! Only had an hour wait, so in the meantime we did a little shopping. This was the first time Jimmy complained. You could say we had a little fight… I yelled, he got grumpy and stomped his feet and then it was all over. I thought it was quite funny, but I’m sure no one else watching did.

Back at the Electric Paradise Tattoo, Jimmy slept on the couch while I got tattooed. Peggy said to me she wished I were staying longer as she would have liked to tattoo me again. She loves tattooing in my style. Hopefully one day she can tattoo me again.

The next day, we just did some shopping and drank some cocktails. I think by the end of holiday, we drank every cocktail on each list of places we went to.

On day 10, we went back to North Shore to a little hidden place where there were Turtles. We couldn’t find them at first, and asked some locals who were really nice to us. All they said was not to touch them. This was really cool I have never been so close to a turtle before, and be able to take a selfie with one in the ocean. After a few hours in the sun and watching the turtles we were ready to head home. We did not think this one through! No ubers, and no taxes were available, and my phone was about to die. Luckily, at 10% battery we finally got a lift home. Next time I will be more organized and hire a car, and not be so scared of driving on the opposite side of road!

Day 11 was spent at the Polynesian Cultural Centre. This is something everyone needs to see if you ever go to Hawaii. Most of the people who work there have been recruited from their Island to work and go to school. They are very thankful for the tourists like us for supporting them. This day I reckon I walked with Jimmy on my back for at least 10 hours, while he laughed and also embarrassed me when they would blew the horn, copying the noise. Everyone looked at us, he thought it was hilarious. Jimmy also loved all the drumming. This was our longest day and we were all very tired.

Our last day was spent being very lazy and then catching up with Summer, and Tom for his birthday and a few cocktails.

It was kind of a sad night for Elise, Jimmy and myself, as we knew our holiday was coming to an end.

I can honestly say that this is the happiest I’ve ever seen Jimmy. Only on the last night did he make a little mess in his nappy, and was a little restless. Few little things that made our days full of laughter, was him making the sound of the elevator every ride. His constant “yays” soon as we would walk out the door. His laughter, and the way he sang to every song that would play. The people who constantly tapped me to say he is asleep on my back, which in turn I would tell them he’s blind its just his eyes. And it will never cease to amaze me the shock on people faces when I say he is 21, and he’s my son!

I know now that this is not only what I want, but also what Jimmy wants. We will travel the world, and our First Big holiday is one we both will never forget. Mahalo Hawaii – you stole our heart!

Photos for this holiday are in the gallery

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