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Surfing for the Disabled

Every Summer, Disabled Surfing Association holds 3 events, and mostly, Jimmy gets to attend at least 2 of them. This was the first event I shared the experience with him on the board. What a fail that was, we wiped out! Safe to say I won’t be doing that with him again, until I’m more confident on a board myself.

The day is run by community volunteers, and the smile on their faces when they get to see a person with a disability surf for the first time is priceless. From young kids to adults, they’re all there to help. If this event wasn’t held, then some people with disabilities would never get to experience this. And still, for some it can be a very emotional day.

Overall, it was a fantastic day and this by far has been my favourite! Jimmy smiled and laughed like I have never seen before. I cannot wait for the day that I can take him on a board myself, with no help from anyone. Here’s some beautiful photos of the day. A video will come at a later date.

Photos by Amy J. Lake are in the Gallery

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