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"It must be Hard” but Not in the Way you Think....

Been practicing! But another reason for this post is I want to share this with you because it’s something that gets said to me a lot from strangers

“It must Hard”

and this is my response honestly it’s not hard in the way you think it’s in another way and I’ll explain. My life is routine I’m used to it. I’ve been doing the same things with Jimmy for just over 24 years. My day starts and ends with a basic routine (which I’d say most parents have). I also have to be organised, I not only have to get myself ready but I also have to get Jimmy ready anywhere I go. I can do spare of the moment things because most of the time I have a bag ready to go with his meds and nappies.


The only thing that’s makes it “hard” is seeing other children GROW up and do those things Jimmy has never done. Here’s something I don’t tell a lot of people but I feel like sharing. If I can, I avoid kids birthdays or any gatherings where there might be a lot of children. I see all the kids running around and playing together and Jimmy just has to sit beside me, I can’t sit him with the kids as they don’t stay in the one spot. I know he can hear them and that excites him. But for me, I feel and see him not being a part of that, and it does make me sad. Now, this has nothing to with any children they are just children having fun. This is just my own personal feels.


I’ve known friends who have had babies and now those babies are all grown up getting jobs, licences and having babies themselves, Which is also scary (I’m getting old) but it’s a reminder of what I do every day compared to them (not that you should ever compare yourself). I sometimes think people forget Jimmy is actually an adult, 24 years old and that he will need care for the rest of his life. Changing nappies, feeding and showering. He cannot survive on his own.


Now I’m not here to complain or be sad right now I’m here to hopefully help some understand a little bit more why sometimes I might hide from you all.


In all honesty in those times I feel down I remind myself of all I have achieved, Our success, like anyone else’s, will be different because we are all on this unique journey of our own ♥️

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